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The Search Page

Bienvenidos a Engine Search Central, la pagina mas completa en lo que se refiere a buscar en Interenet! De forma comoda y sencilla, desde aqui, podras buscar en cualquier buscador de la red con los versatiles comandos de llamada en forma de formularios. Esperamos que esta pagina te sea util en tus busquedas y aunque se encuentra bajo dominio INF, o sea en infovia, puedes copiarla a tu HD y ejecutarla en Internet para utilizarla, la mayoria de estos engine search, han sido introducidos a partir de referencia CGI directa a su servidor, por lo que presentan los mismos inconvenienter que los E/S (Engine Search) a los que se hacen referencia... Disfrutad, y encontrad todo lo que vuestra mente pueda imaginar... !

Aunque busqueis el Arca Perdida o la aguja del pajar, con este potente buscador seguro que la encontrais...
Sentimos el no poderos ofrecer las secciones completamente traducidas al Español, pero no teniamos tiempo, suponemos que entendereis su sencillo uso...

World Wide Web

411 Locate Locate a Web site or email address by a phone number (enter area code and phone number)
A2Z Categorized directory of the most popular Internet resources by Lycos
Ahoy! Searches for people's personal homepages (Enter last name, first name, institution, and country)
Aliweb Archie-like indexing for the Web
Aliweb Indiana University mirror of the above
Alta Vista Web Search Digital's new search engine (Choose query type: Simple or Advanced)
CityScape Global On-line Directory
Computer Vendor Guide by SBA * Consulting Search over 1,300 vendors presently on the web
CUI World Wide Web Catalog [Service no longer available]

DA-CLOD Project [Service no longer available]

Ecola's Tech Directory Search for Web sites of technology corporations
Excite NetSearch Database of over 1 million Web pages
DogPile Metasearch of 13 WWW Search engines, 6 Usenet sources, and 2 FTP archives
Excite NetReviews Editorialized review of various Web sites
Forum One Guide to over 34,000 Online Forum Discussions on the Web
Galaxy Search for WWW, Gopher, and Telnet sites
Harvest Broker WAIS-based search of WWW Home Pages
Highway 61 Metasearch of 7 most popular web search engines
HotBot Major new search engine from HotWired/Inktomi
I-Explorer A category-based directory of Internet sites
InfoSeek (Type your search in plain English or key words and phrases)
InfoSeek Ultraseek InfoSeek's next generation WWW search
Inktomi Search Engine [Superceded by HotBot]

IWeb URL Review Database Database of Web site reviews
JumpCity Database of Web Site reviews
JumpStation [No longer available]

LookSmart New search directory backed by the Readers Digest
Lycos - The catalog of the Internet The "new" Lycos indexes over 90% of the web!
Magellan: McKinley's Internet Directory Over 30,000 reviewed, rated, and indexed Web pages.
Mesch [10/14/96: Not found error, possibly down]

MetaCrawler Multi-Threaded Web Search of 9 major sites
Mother-of-All BBS (WAIS client/gateway required)
NetGuide Live Over 50,000 web sites reviewed and rated by NetGuide Magazine
NetMall Directory of Internet-based businesses (Enter one or two search words)
New Riders' Official WWW Yellow Pages
NIKOS (No longer available)

NlightN Keyword search numerous databases and publications
NorthStar Search WWW document headers [3/19/96: No response from server, possibly down]
OneKey Smart Search Family-oriented resource library and database of reviewed web sites
Open Text Index
Personal Seek Searches for people's personal homepages (Enter city, state, province, country, keyword, etc.)
Point Top 5% Index Search reviews of the Top 5% web sites
Rank Link Lists the most popular and best quality web sites relevant to your query
RBSE's URL Database Search WWW document full text
SavvySearch (New) Simultaneous search of almost 20 Internet engines
SavvySearch (Old) Simultaneous search of Internet search engines (Choose number to search)
Spry Internet Wizard [Updated: See Yahoo entry below]

search.onramp.net Simultaneous search of 10 engines w/ results scored and ranked
Starting Point MetaSearch Page
Tribal Voice Internet Trailblazer Search
Tupilak - NSTN URL Miner [No longer available]

Wandex net.Genesis Wanderer Index
WebCrawler Search WWW document content
What's New Too! Search new web announcements -- over 700 a day
Who's Who on the Internet Directory of personal home pages
WWW Worm (Choose search options)
Yahoo (Enter multiple search words)
Yahooligans! The Web Guide for Kids (Enter multiple search words)
YPN - Your Personal Network Search over 30,000 reviews of online service and Internet sites